Thermosyphon Solar water heating system closed loop(indirect heating ) with heat-exchanger consists of :

A) External boiler casing made of electrostatic high durability painted steel sheet  , 0.6 mm thickness.
B) Jacketed heat exchanger using UST 37.2 quality metal sheet, of 1.5 mm thickness.which allows the maximum and swift transfer of thermal energy. The jacket covers the interior boiler facilitating the circulation of the thermal fluid, thus increasing the life of the boiler and making it durable in low temperatures.
C) Internal tank made of UST 37.2 quality metal sheet, 3mm thickness. Inner surface is glass enameled at 860°C,, process that guarantees high protection even when the quality of the water is not really suitable (hard, with lime scale, etc.).
D) Tank enameled twice according DIN 4753 Teil3         
E)The boiler is insulated with ecological polyurethane that does not contain C.F.C., in accordance with EU directives. Of 60 mm thickness, 47 kg/m3  density - one of the highest in the market - which retains the temperature of the collected hot water throughout the night.
F) 3kw- Energy capability consisting of a non-corrosive electric resistance (A supplementary solution only for days without sunshine) Thermostat connected to the electrical resistance - to operate in desired temperatures.
All electrical components are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations and are guaranteed for 1 year.
Electrolysis protection with the use of a magnesium rod , 300 mm-long and with Φ22-diameter. This significantly enhances the life of the boiler and therefore of the whole system.
G) Copper expansion tank.
H) Safety pressure valves.