Flat plate collector:

1-  Black silicone & EBDM tape for top& back sealing
2 - Frame made of anodized aluminum pro16-18 Micron file sea water resistant
3 - Glass wool insulation 4 cm (back) 1.5 cm (sides). ( optional : Direct-injected polyurethane insulation with back plate of  aluminum 0.6 mm thickness
4- cover: Solar tempered glass 3.8 mm, water proof casing.
5-  Absorber copper pipes 10-15 mm –
6- Copper manifold tubes
7 – absorber fin 100 mm X 0.2 mm with selective blue chrome paint ( SOL plus type ) or high absorbing black coating ( Energy plus model ) welded with the tubes by laser or ultrasonic
Connection Kit:
Ergonomic design makes installation simple and quick. The support base is made entirely from Galvanized steel without any welded parts.
Standards EN  12976-2 ISO 9459-4
CE Mark.