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Solar Water Heaters

About Solar Water Heaters:-

What are the different usages of the Solar Thermal System? 
•    Water heating for houses and compounds.
•    Water heating for hotels.
•    Water heating for factories and industrial companies.
•    Water heating for swimming pools.
•    Desalination.

How the solar water heater works?
•    The solar collectors collect the solar radiations and heat water with different types of systems, and that offers to the consumer to choose the suitable for his house.

* The different types of solar collectors:
•    The flat plat collector:- 
-    Simple, solid.
-    Beautiful 
-    Able to install it on surface. 
-    The least cost.
-    Maintenance available.

•    The vacuum tubes collector :- 
-    Better for industrial use.
-    Available with different sizes.
-    Suitable for buildings.

What are the spoils of solar water heater for costumer? 
•    Saving the consumption of the conventional energy (electricity and petroleum fuel).
•    Environment friend. 
•    Decreasing Pollution and thermal emissions.

Will the solar heater always offer hot water? 
•    The solar water heating systems with its different types offer hot water all day.
•    Solar water heating systems designed to offer hot water for consumer all year, but sometimes in winter, in some regions the conquest of solar heat isn't enough to heat all the stored water so often in this case you can use backup system like gas or electricity to heat water.

How can you choose the suitable solar water heater? 
•    It's based on the following:- 
-    The needed temperature.
-    The needed amount of water.
-    The number of consumers.
-    The number of kitchens and restrooms.  

Design stages:- 
•    Place inspection:- 
-    Surface (Diagonal or flat). 
-    The availability of achieving the installation place.
-    The available space for ex: (200L storage tank needs 2 meter space).   
-    The weight of the water heater is 100 kilo per meter3.
-    Installation should be in the south direction away from shadows.
•    Knowing the exact amount of the needed water.
•    Choosing the suitable place for installation.
•    Knowing the exact calculation of the solar collectors and tank size spaces.

What is the suitable size of the solar water heater?
The choice of the solar water heater based on the number of consumers and the number of kitchens and restrooms in the house. 
        For example: the family which contains 4 people uses 200 L or 300 L daily.
What should the customer do after the installation of the water heater?

•    Check the delivery order.
•    Making sure that the water heater is in the south direction. 
•    Making sure that there's no shadow reflected. 
•    Checking out that the water heater is working fine.
•    Know how to do the maintenance for the water heater.
•    Know when you should call the company technical support.
•    Know what the warranty includes of the system.
•    Clean the solar collectors periodically (once every month).
•    Call the company if you don't have hot water, or you have a problem with your water heater.

Solar Pumps

About Pumps:-

- How solar pump works?

solar pump works through transforming the sunlight to electricity through photovoltaic panels then supplying the solar pump with electric power directly without energy storage.

- What is the maximum pump capacity?
pump power is up to 150 horsepower.

- What is the maximum head and flow rate?
Pump head is up to 220 meter and flow rate is up to 499 m3/hr.

- What is the system life time?
25 years.

- What is the guarantee?
The guarantee on the panels which is responsible for generating electricity is 20 years.

- What is the maintenance for solar panels?
There is no maintenance needed except, cleaning the panels from dirt.

- What is the common application for solar pumping?
Boost underground water for irrigation (drip, sprinkler, flood, and pivot system) and water cycling in pools.